Artificial Intelligence for
Video Personalization

Babator’s video AI accurately predicts the viewer’s intentions and matches videos and ads to viewers preferences


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The Largest Media Companies Boost Video Engagement & Yield with Babator


Instantly Boost Video Yield

AI video engagement solution that strongly increase online video consumption and monetization


One line of Code Implementation

Babator's AI solution seamlessly integrates into any website or app by adding a single line of code.

Artificial Intelligence

Babator's AI technology divides the audience into behavioral typed based clusters.

Increase Views

Babator present viewers with personalized videos to match their varied interests, increasing the number of viewed videos and viewing time.

Increase Yield

Babator creates additional premium advertising real-estate for publishers from their current traffic and existing inventory.

AI Video Engagement Solution

Major uplift to all video consumption metrics


Increase Views

Increase total views by over 50%

Increase Viewing Time

Increase viewing time by over 100%

Reduce bounce

Reduce bounce rate by over 25%

Autonomous Solution for all Digital Assets

Babator's AI engine generates new video assets and optimize existing ones



Creating new video assets

Automatically adds video players in on-site locations in a personalized way, and thus creating new video monetization opportunities.

A video player with related and personalized video recommendations will be opened automatically at an optimal time when a user scrolls down a page whenever a publisher has left an article without an accompanying video.

The In-Read player will show related and personalized video recommendations for the users from the publisher owned content.



Optimizing publishers’ existing video assets

Personalizing the publishers existing video players, regardless of the video player technology and with no integration, from the first view onwards.

Adding personalized recommendations within the publisher existing video players and managing existing publishers’ video assets.


Runs on all Platforms

Babator's AI solution runs on all platforms and works with all leading video platforms and players


Seamlessly integrates into any website by adding a single line of JavaScript.


Seamlessly integrates into any iOS and Android app by adding a single line of lib include.


Any Live Stream Platform: Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV and more.


Personal notifications & recommendations on any bot platform: Facebook, Telegram, WeChat and more.


Video Engagement Management & Analytics

Babator provides a real-time video dashboard visualizing all the video consumption metrics to make informed programming decisions.

Publishers gain deep and instant insights into video consumption and have the management tools to monitor and control their online video programming.

The engagement platform includes:

  • Video analytics

  • Multi-variant testing system

  • Management admin portal



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