Our Mission

Babator brings the next generation of online video consumption by providing viewers with a personalized experience matching their preferences.



Babator was first conceived in 2014 as a fusion between the CEO and MIT’s media lab. It was founded by a team that combines a unique know-how, gained in the military, academic and business arenas, with vast managerial experience and a new approach to data management platforms

Babator provides publishers with an algorithmic solution for personalized related video results, dynamic video playlists, and video analytics tools. Babator's is a fully autonomous system that makes automatic programming decisions across various touch points of the publisher’s video footprint (web, mobile, OTT) delivering personalized video and related content that multiplies the viewer’s number of video views, thus enabling the publisher new monetizing opportunities and an increased Video ROI.

Babator's solution detects bot views, viewability and other indications of a view quality and serves videos accordingly. Babator’s generates an average improvement of 90%-100% in video time view and at least 50% increase in video views. 



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