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Predictive Analytics & Big Data that yields online video targeting


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Algorithmic Programming of all Layers

Babator’s AI video engine accurately predicts the viewer’s intentions and provides both the matching videos and the ads to go along with them.

Cookie-less User Identification

Fast and easy-to-use user re-identification service, tracking and clustering service that does not depend on cookies, and thus operates also on cookie-less browsers and in-apps seamlessly.

Session Tracking

Group interactions one user takes within a given time frame to fully understand how user interact and the flow of actions.

Player & Video Algorithmic Programming

Collects behavioral events and provides programming recommendations and actions from behavioral and contextual Artificial Intelligence engines, in order to return the best content to fit viewer intentions.

Ad Targeting

Utilizing Babator's Algorithmic Video Content Programming technology for the monetization layer, Babator's Ad Targeting service offers publishers and advertisers the ability to decide which ad or premium content to display for a viewer.


Client Side

Babator is easily implemented as a one-line-code snippet, supports all video platforms and is language and content agnostic.


AI Video Layer

Babator video layer acts as an integrated video serving layer embedded into any video player. It is player agnostic and already integrated with over 20 video players including the most popular ones. It receives individually assigned video recommendations from Babator’s algorithmic content programming engine and serves the personalized videos in a unique and engaging format.

Video Layer features: 

• On-pause: when player pause is triggered.
• Pre-bounce: when bounce intent is detected. 
• Pre-end: before the video reaches its end.
• End screen + Auto-play next: after the video reaches its end.
• Auto-play: for the top recommendation.
• Smart-start on visible: when player becomes visible on screen.
• In-read: video recommendations in pages originally without video.
• Widgets with personalized video recommendations.



Babator’s artificial intelligence (AI) video engagement solution deploys a scalable SaaS infrastructure for advanced behavioral analytics. We accurately predict user preferences and behavioral video consumption patterns for the online video market.

Babator uses big data and predictive analytics to implement a unique community behavioral reference based algorithm. Our core AI technology utilizes sophisticated algorithms to create behavioral clusters of viewers in order to accurately predict their viewing preferences.

This approach differs significantly from the currently implemented solutions, which concentrate on the collection of more profile related information about a specific user. Babator AI works with anonymous visitor data so there are no privacy issues to consider.